Designing a Student Guidebook for University ICTD Service-Learning

  • Royal Colle


As the papers in these Proceedings suggest, service-learning – or engaged learning – has become a significant ingredient in university curricula around the globe. It is visible in universities from Hong Kong to North Carolina. In late 2014, Cornell University launched a 10-year US$150-million program with an over-arching goal of “supporting students in becoming engaged citizens of the world.” Parallel to this service-learning movement has been the effort to incorporate into university curricula courses in information and communication technology for development (ICTD). The potential importance and logic of involving university students in ICTD initiatives is almost intuitive because of their involvement all over the world with social media.

Author Biography

Royal Colle

Royal Colle is International Professor Emeritus (Communication) at Cornell University, USA. He specialises in communication planning; communication strategies for community and rural development; designing academic and training programmes in communication, information and communication technology for development; telecenter and university collaborations; and
telecenter development.

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