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Are We Ready For It?

  • Felix Librero


In December 2011, University of the Philippines Los Baũos (UPLB) Professor Emeritus Nora Quebral delivered a lecture on development communication at the London chool of Economics, where she was awarded an honorary degree for her achievements in development communication. Her lecture was essentially a summary of the e-Booktitled Development Communication Primer that was released in Penang, Malaysia by Southbound Publishing Company in January 2012. This Primer contains both Professor Quebral’sdefinitionsofdevelopment communication in 1971 and in 2011, four decades apart.

Author Biography

Felix Librero

Dr. Felix Librero is professor emeritus of development communication, University of the Philippines Open University. The original version of this article was presented in the National Conference of the Confederation of Development Communication Educators in the Philippines, Isabela State University, Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines, 9 November 2011, while a revised version was presented in the International Symposium on Development Communication, Indonesian Development Communication Forum, Bogor, Indonesia, 30 October 2013

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