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  • Nora Cruz Quebral


Twelve years after its financial crisis in the late ‘90s, Southeast Asia is back on its feet and is looking to make up for lost ground. To the east, India is flexing its economic muscle for its ASEAN neighbours to take note. To the north, far-flung China, a historical player in Asia and in the world, flaunts its re-entry onto the
global stage with Olympic fanfare. In the region itself, the city state of Singapore maintains its status among the developed countries. Indonesia and Vietnam are rapidly moving up the development ladder, while Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam are holding their own.

Author Biography

Nora Cruz Quebral

Nora C Quebral is Professor Emeritus of Development Communication at the College of Development communication, University of the Philippines (UP) Los Banos. She has worked or consulted mainly with FAO, IDRC,
UNDP, US Academy of Educational Development, International Institute of Rural Reconstruction. Professor Quebral was awarded an Honorary Ph.D. in 2011 by the London School of Economics for her pioneering and
continued contribution to the field of development communication.

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