Role of Law, Media and Information in the Holistic Development of Bangladesh

  • Maimul Ahsan Khan
  • M S Siddiqui


The relationship between economic and legal development on the one hand and good governance and rule of law on the other is a complex and complicated issue that deserves a comprehensive approach to many areas of standard of living. Qualitative and quantitative changes in many areas of standard of living and economic development are prerequisites to any sustainable growth of any country.

Author Biographies

Maimul Ahsan Khan

Maimul Ahsan Khan is a Professor of Law and Fulbright Fellow. He has served to a number of American (UIUC-Law, UC-Davis-Berkeley), Czech, and Bangladeshi universities, Amnesty International-USA (Country Specialist on Afghanistan), Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies, UK-based Islamic Foundation in Leicester, Islamic University (Gazipur), International University in Qazvin. From Tashkent State University, in 1985, he was awarded Ph.D. for his research on Jurisprudence with special emphasis on Islamic legal postulates as applied in the constitutional development of the Middle Eastern countries.

M S Siddiqui

M S Siddiqui is a PhD student with the Open University of Malaysia. She graduated from the University of Chittagong. Her major was business studies. Time to time she writes for the financial times of Bangladesh.

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