Journalists as Agents of Cultural Translation:

A Case Study of Spanish Newspaper Coverage of Bans on Traditional Head Coverings for Muslim Women

  • Tetiana Vaskivska
  • Richard Shafer
  • Kyle Conway


Interest in news translation has grown dramatically in the last decade, in no small part because of the University of Warwick’s Translation in Global News initiative. This initiative led to the publication of a number of volumes, including conference proceedings (Conway & Bassnett, 2006) and a comprehensive account of translation in global news agencies (Bielsa & Bassnett, 2009). However, scholars are still working to develop a vocabulary to describe news translation adequately. The vocabulary they have borrowed from translation studies (“source text,” “target text,” even “translator”) fails because journalists do not approach the texts they produce in the same way as literary or technical

Author Biographies

Tetiana Vaskivska

Tetiana Vaskivska is a MA student at the Arizona State University where she studies Hispanic Linguistics. She got a MA in Communication from the University of North Dakota and her research interests cross the intersection of cultural translation and Hispanic culture. The recent publication includes (co-authored with Kyle Conway) “Consuming News Translation: The New York Times Online and the ‘Kremlin Rules’ Experiment.” in Across Languages and Cultures.

Richard Shafer

Richard Shafer is a professor of journalism at the University of North Dakota in the United States. He teaches graduate and undergraduate mass media courses. In 1987 he completed his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Missouri-Columbia after working many years as a professional journalist. His research concentration is on the role of the press in social change and development. He has lectured and conducted journalism seminars, workshops and reporting courses in more than 30 countries.

Kyle Conway

Kyle Conway teaches at the University of North Dakota. His books include Everyone Says No: Public Service Broadcasting and the Failure of Translation (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2011) and Beyond the Border: Tensions across the Forty-ninth Parallel in the Great Plains and Prairies (co-edited with Timothy Pasch, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013).

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