Interface between Media, Democracy and Development

  • Vineet Kaul


The media is a complex non-state actor whose activities have been made even more complex by massive advancement in technology. From the primitive gong of the village town crier, the eafleteering of anti-colonial movements, the bold headlines of the national dailies, the crystal clear news footages of the cable television networks, to the internet blogs, no one can seriously ignore the impacts of today‘s mass media on politics and governance, especially in developing democracies. What exactly constitute the media, what roles does the media perform, what is the character of the media in a developing democracy and how does it impact on governance, democracy and politics? Are the questions bobbing up and down in all discussions?

Author Biography

Vineet Kaul

Vineet Kaul holds a MA, M.Phil- English Literature and MBA, all with first classes. He is pursuing a PhD. A freelance teacher mostly visiting BSchools and a professional content writer and a freelance journalist. Vineet has written quite a number of prize winning poetries, management & language articles published in national and international journals.

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