• Jan Servaes


Climate change isjust one of the major problems we face today. It may not only lead to the permanent flooding oflow-lying regions, the disruption of potable water supply to millions around the world as the ice-packs in the mountains shrink and deplete the water reserves of major population centres, or to the decline in oil and gas supplies as hydro-carbon reserves peak and the price of energy increases exponentially. It also causes, directly or indirectly, deep fractures in world trade and commerce resulting in political tensions and armed conflict among religious, ethnic and cultural communities across the world. Ending extreme poverty is impossible without tackling climate change. Now is the time to face the defining challenge of our generation .

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Jan Servaes


Jan Servaes is Editor-in-Chief of journal "Telematics and Informatics: An Interdisciplinary Journal on the Social  Impacts  of  New  Technologies" , and Editor of "Communication, Globalisation and Cultural Identity" and "Communication, Culture and Change in Asia". Servaes has undertaken research, development and advisory work around the world and has written about topics as international and development communication; ICT and media policies and intercultural communication.

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