Framing Indian Image in the Pakistani Urdu Press: Special Reference to the Peace Process

  • Farish Ullah Yousafzai
  • Kassim Sharif


Pakistan and India have sour history of relations since independence. Both have extremely divergent and conflicting national ideologies and have been involved in a continuous conflict with each other. Both are very important states of the Southeast Asian region but they are unable to establish mutually acceptable relations. The issue that has bettered the relations between the two states since partition is the dispute over Kashmir. Pakistan is pressing India that the people of Kashmir should be given right to self-rule. On the other hand India believes that Kashmir is an integral part of India. 

Author Biographies

Farish Ullah Yousafzai

Farish Ullah Yousafzai is Dean of Faculty of Arts at University of Gujrat, Pakistan. He holds a PhD degree in Health Communication from Karachi University, Pakistan. He has contributed a number of research articles in national and international journals in the area of development communication.

Kassim Sharif

Kasim Sharif Lecturer at the Department of Communication and Media Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He holds an MS degree in Media and Communication from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan. His areas of research are peace journalism, media ethics, international communication and environmental journalism.

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