Communication and Development

A Historical Perspective

  • Ma Theresa H Velasco


Communication scholar Linje Patrick Manyozo categorised six schools of thought in communication for development: 1) Bretton Woods; 2) Latin American; 3) Indian; 4) African; 5) Los Baños; and the 6) Communication for Development and Social Change (Manyozo, 2006). In this paper I will discuss one of the schools of thought in communication for development: the Los Baños tradition of development communication. I will start by introducing the various schools of thought as Manyozo described them in his article “Communication for Development: A Historical Perspective” published by UNESCO in 2007. Then, I will focus on the Los Baños tradition through which I will try to make the study and practice of development communication come alive for you. I will share with you the development communication curriculum, as well as examples of research and extension activities, at the College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los Baños. In conclusion, allow me to describe who the development communicator of the 21st century should be.

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