Community Connection Needs Some Actions for Health

  • Vishal Singh SIHFW
Keywords: Community Connection, Community Engagement, Community Action For Health, Health Equity, Universal Health Coverage, Right to Health Care


Connecting with community in development programs, especially in health is a decisive component. It is required at planning level as well as during implementation and monitoring, developing the understanding of needs and ownership on resources. Planning process needs to be in the hands of community itself, so that they can ensure their participation in execution and monitoring. Though people are not experts of managerial issues, and lack technical knowledge but with a support system a lot can be achieved. In the Health Sector, establishing the connection with community emerged in the form of Community Monitoring under NRHM and now it is present as Community Action for Health. Present paper is an effort towards analyzing issues, understanding context and summarizing the process of connecting community for health with the background of communicating health in Rajasthan. 

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