Visibility and Scope for Information and Communication Functions in India’s Development Sector

  • Manoj Kumar Das
Keywords: development sector, C4D, information, communication, job websites, NGO


The paper investigates the visibility and demand for communication for development (C4D) related careers and functions in the development sector in India. Differentiating between information and communication functions that constitute C4D, the empirical study, based on analysis of popular job websites in the sector, reveals that while the combined share of information and communication job positions account for a miniscule proportion of the overall new openings in the sector, the visibility of communication specific jobs is particularly inconsequential. Corroborating this finding further by triangulating responses from both employers and employees in the sector, the paper calls for the need to acknowledge the relevance of trained communication personnel in programme planning, implementation and evaluation. The paper contends that contrary to popular perception in the field, information and communication functions in the sector need specialised skill sets, and professionals trained in the discipline are better suited for the purpose. Pointing out some key areas where professionals trained in information and communication particularly suit in the development sector in India, the paper argues that the sector should open up the space for such professionals. Academic and training centres need to respond by providing the right type of perspective and training as required by the field.

Author Biography

Manoj Kumar Das

Dr. Manoj K. Das currently teaches in the Department of Mass Communication, Sikkim Central University, India. His key areas of interests are: C4D, media and religion, media anthropology, media & politics, and journalism studies. He has a Master degree and MPhil degree in Mass Communication, and a PhD in Communication from the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance (CCMG), Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. 

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