Traditional Folk Communications Among Indigenous People

Veddas Community In Sri Lanka

  • Galagedarage Thushari Madhubhashini Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Keywords: traditional folk communications, indigenous people, Veddas community, Sri Lanka


Veddas communities as the aboriginal inhabitants in Sri Lanka are rich in many unique cultural values, resources and practices. Therefore, different traditional folk communications are also used by the Veddas community. In this context, the purpose of the research is to examine the role of traditional folk communications in empowering Veddas community. Development communication is the main conceptual and theoretical framework of the study. The geographical location was Dambana where Veddas mainly located in Sri Lanka.  Therefore, the FGDs were conducted with twenty-five Veddas and in-depth interviews were conducted with four key people in the same geographical area. The qualitative data were analysed thematically. The findings show that the folk communications such as traditional ceremonies, songs, dances, rite and rituals, Kem krama (a kind of ritual treatments), mantra etc. are mostly used to fulfil the socio-cultural, economic, spiritual, moral needs and issues connected to the livelihood of Veddas. Therefore, the responsible authorities should take necessary actions to empower Veddas by protecting and promoting the socio-cultural, spiritual values, traditions, communications, beliefs, language, heritages and resources unique to Veddas community

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