When the pandemic spread across the globe, most countries implemented various intervention measures in their attempt to control the virus. Many of these measures and their impact differed from country to country and the comparisons make fascinating reading. In this issue of JDC, we publish three different studies from three countries: Jordan, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. The intervention measures in Jordan relate to youth volunteer activities, engagement of frontline workers, and social listening.  In Vietnam, the study highlights the operation and role of Community Radio Stations and Community COVID Teams while for Sri Lanka, the research, using Focus Group Discussions, investigates the challenges of Open and Distance Learning. Three other papers are unrelated to the pandemic issues: one paper examines women’s emotional well-being in a computer-mediated environment; another paper aims to develop a package of tools for improving care practices in antenatal and post-natal care, and another paper looks at the digital divide in Nigeria and proposes certain ways in which the divide can be bridged. 

Published: 2022-06-28