The subject of Covid-19 continues to be popular among our paper contributors and this is certainly due to its ongoing cases and the devastating impact it gives globally as a result of the public health crisis that leads to severe social and economic disruptions.  Two articles published in this issue are about Covid-19; one is a review of the vaccine acceptance in Papua New Guinea, and the other is a Nigerian case study on how theatre reorients the audience’s misguided perceptions of the pandemic. Two articles are devoted to the subject of peace communication. The first paper is a focus-group study to explore what Rawabi city means to Palestinians who are living and working there. Rawabi is claimed to be the first-ever planned Palestinian city located in the occupied West Bank area and is viewed by its founders and advocates as a symbol of hope and peace. The second paper reviews some of the challenges and issues in peace education, and how communicative peace is central to peace education. The last two papers cover two different issues; one on the print media in Ghana and the other on climate change reporting in the Hindi language newspapers. The cover for this issue is an illustration by Mayur Deshpande on Unsplash .

Published: 2022-12-30