Art Production and Social Knowledge

Relationship to Development Communications

  • Joan M Kelly M Kelly


This paper discusses the identity of “artist” as a collaborator in building social knowledge, rather than just as an independent producer of a physical piece of artwork. As such, the mutual process of problem-solving and communication will be valued above the production of the aesthetic object. The idea is about difference and voice: bringing differences in culture, ethnicities, and survival concerns to the forefront of an exchange. Such engagement acknowledges those who are marginalised by mainstream systems, yet it also engenders mutual understanding, which counters all sides‟ constructed biases. Can a non-hierarchal relationship to knowledge exist? The paper concludes with how to make these ideas launching points for collaborative art production that will catalyse social service approaches and communication.

Author Biography

Joan M Kelly M Kelly

Joan M Kelly is currently Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art Design and Media, Singapore. Kelly has taught painting and drawing at Nanyang Technological University since 2005. She was Vice-Director of the EcoreaJeonbuk Biennale in Korea 2012, Beijing Biennale 2012, and Casablanca Biennale 2012, solo exhibition at Visual Art Gallery Habitat Center New Delhi India 2012, and Blue Mountain Gallery NYC, July 2011. Kelly completed a Bachelors of Fine Art at Maryland Institute College of Art USA and a Master in Fine Arts at Western Connecticut State University in 2005.

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