Development Communication and Gender-Based Violence: A Call to Save the Girl Child

  • Peace Oja Egbai Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, Nigeria
Keywords: gender, violence, communication, development, psycho-dynamic theory


In past and recent times, several events in the African society tend to suggest that the girl child has not been given fair and equitable treatment. In spite of campaigns and sensitisation programmes geared towards changing the narrative, there are obvious negative and unpalatable practices against women in society. One such negative practice is gender-based violence which constitutes a problem hence, the imperative of this study. The importance of communication in the society cannot be overemphasised. Actually, careful use of communication to champion the causes affecting women can bring about tangible outcomes. Development communication is the idea of using communication for the purpose of advancing the goals of development in society. This can only be appreciated if it is realised that development has to do with the generation of psychic mobility and changing of attitude. Sometimes, certain societal projects and programmes have failed due to a lack of or the absence of communication components in the development calculus. This article has considered development communication as a concept, defined a girl child, gender-based violence, it deployed the biological Psycho-Dynamic theory to address this discourse. The study used the qualitative method in discussing ways violence against women manifests in Nigeria and their consequences, as well as the role of development communication in the fight against gender-based violence. The study found that violence against women still persists especially, in several parts of Africa and therefore, concluded that society will indeed be a great place to live in if everyone regardless of gender, is given fair treatment. This is because the girl child over the years has not been given the right and equitable treatment that can boost her educational, political, economic and social growths in the society. To this end, the study among others, recommended that the media should devote more time and space in their reportage on issues that addresses the concerns of the girl-child and women.

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