Despite the progress in public health that have resulted in improved health and longevity for populations, millions of people are still struggling with health and medical issues. The effects of civil war, poverty, natural disasters, and population growth restrain public health efforts. However, underlying reasons for the health crisis are also found in poor domestic and personal hygiene and sanitation practices, as well as inadequate education of health care providers and recipients. The current issue of JDC continues to  focus on health communication that involves health-related persuasion strategies employed in a wide range of communication channels. The two dominant research paradigms in health communication which are reflected in the papers published in this issue are  audience-based and message-based. In audience-based research, appropriate target groups are identified and effective ways to reach them are drawn up while in the message-based research, the focus is on the use of strategies to design effective health messages. The cover for this issue of JDC is illustrated by Engku Safiah Nabella Engku Murad.

Published: 2020-12-31

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