A farmer on dried loamy soil in Basti Lehar Walla village, Punjab, Pakistan. Due to prolonged drought in parts of the country, rivers are drying up, livestock are decimated and rainfed crop productions are severely affected. Rare species are also threatened and people are struggling to feed themselves. Literally means the land of five rivers, Punjab is the most fertile and most populated province of Pakistan. It plays a leading role in agricultural production, contributing nearly 70% to the annual food grain production in the country. All the provinces of Pakistan have a history of facing major droughts in the past. This prolonged period of drought in recent years has developed into one of the worst disasters in Pakistan, badly affecting food production systems hence the health of community members, especially women and children. 

Text: Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak | Cover Photo: Courtesy of Alamy Stock Photo

Published: 2019-06-28