Efficacy of Interpersonal Contacts Towards Diffusion of Innovation in Agricultural Sector

  • Masrur Alam Khan Riphah International University
  • Pervaiz Akhter
Keywords: interpersonal communication, farmers, adopters, economic growth, cluster sampling, diffusion of innovation


Development communication has distinct theoretical roots and differing emphasis in terms of programme designs and goals. Such goals are achieved through diffusion process of an innovative idea using certain communication channels over times among the members of a particular social system. The contribution made by new technologies to economic growth and welfare is largely determined by the rate and manner by which innovation diffuse throughout the relevant population. The literature on the diffusion of rural innovations in Third World countries reveals a range of approaches to the diffusion process. This study examines the role of interpersonal communication for diffusion of agricultural innovation in one of the rural districts of the country, Pakistan. A survey was conducted with the help of multistage cluster sampling technique whereas structured questionnaire was used to collect relevant data. Findings revealed that majority of farmers play a major role in agricultural activities; particularly farmers are motivated through interpersonal discussion for dissemination of agriculture information while adopting new innovations.

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