Communication about development challenges and advocacy for change continues to become more intricate. At the same time, the number of issues on the development agenda seems to be growing. This edition of JDC highlights various topics relating to two crucial factors, namely communication and people’s involvement, in determining the successes and failures of most development projects. Among the topics in the area of communication relate to the role of traditional folk media and the ICT, communication strategies and platforms, and role of motivation and ability in persuasion communication. Issues related to people’s involvement include civil society participation, alienation of the underrepresented subordinate groups from the decision-making process, and communication skills among development professionals. All these aspects address certain specific questions in the areas of social, health, agriculture, education, governance as well as in the scope of communication research method. The cover for this issue of JDC carries a photograph image, copyright © 2021 Freepik Company.

Published: 2021-06-29